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AMG Manual Therapy

Massage Therapy • Injury Recovery & Prevention

Now Offering:

Residual Strain Therapy

Residual Strain Therapy is a specialized treatment focused on finding 'residual strains' within the fascia. From there, the treatment causes the central nervous system to release the strain in the fascia, improving pain and increasing strength!

Contact us to try RST or schedule a session online!



AMG Manual Therapy is a injury prevention and rehab based business using a combination of services to best treat each individual client. By combining massage, stretching, percussion gun, kinesio taping, IASTM, among other treatments, AMG Manual Therapy is committed to providing the best care to our clients.

Not only providing the best care but the most applicable treatment options to each client’s specific needs!


  • **REQUIRED FOR 1st SESSION** (Excludes massage therapy services)

    1 hr 30 min

    125 US dollars


I accept all payment methods. 


We all like having choices but the freedom to CHOOSE is vital. By choosing to be a cash-based business providing care, anyone can choose to pay for my services. Not being handcuffed by health insurance companies means I can provide my services without scripts from physicians and I can also lower my fees because I don’t have to offset the reimbursement rate from insurance companies.



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