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“Aaron was patient and flexible working with my limited mobility due to recent spinal surgeries.”


“Aaron is very skilled at finding the areas that need work and making them better. Helps to keep me going!”


“Best massage I’ve had in a really long time. Really focused on the areas I requested.”

Kennedy O.

"I schedule massages regularly with Shelby, and they help so much with the stress that accumulates in my tight shoulders, neck, and back. She gives therapeutic massages or deep tissue massages depending on what I need. Her pricing is reasonable, and I'd highly recommend for athletes or those who work at a computer all day."

Mary P.

"AMG has been instrumental in my healing. I was prescribed medical massages from a neurologist from The Cleveland Clinic. Aaron is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. He and his wife have a beautiful & clean therapy center with rehab & massages. They are worth every penny and price affordable. I’d definitely recommend them for therapy or for a spa like massage."

Sydney F.

"Aaron is amazing! He is very knowledgeable about what he is doing and will answer any questions about what he's doing as well as walk you through what he is doing before he does it. I highly recommend seeing Aaron for any kind of injury recovery since he knows so much about massage therapy as well as physical therapy!"

Grace H.

"I have always had nothing but amazing experiences with my massages here! By far the best massage I have ever received! Thank you Shelby:)"

Makayla B.

"I have had many appointments with massage therapist to address my muscle tightness from weight lifting, but I have never had anyone take the time to truly evaluate the sources of my discomfort. He utilized multiple interventions to ensure the issue was taken care of before I walked out of there. The red light therapy was amazing too! By far the most knowledgeable and skilled massage therapist I have ever been to. Will definitely be back!"


"Aaron is amazing! He truly listens to what his clients requests and focuses on those needs. I haven’t found a massage therapist this great in a long time. His flexibility and willingness to accommodate busy schedules is definitely a plus!"

Tara F.

"Aaron is intuitive when it comes to his profession and he gives the best sports massage. He also does a great job educating about the body and the stretching during was very beneficial to increasing my range of motion. Thanks!!"

Autumn Q.

"The most pain relief I've ever gotten from a massage. I have a lot of neck pain and I left feeling like a completely different person. Thank you so much!!"

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