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Who We Are

AMG Manual Therapy is a injury prevention and rehab based business using a combination of services to best treat each individual client. By combining massage, stretching, percussion gun, kinesio taping, IASTM, among other treatments, AMG Manual Therapy is committed to providing the best care to our clients.

Not only providing the best care but the most applicable treatment options to each client’s specific needs!



Aaron Goodrich has been a licensed massage therapist (MT) in the state of Ohio since 2008. He has been a licensed athletic trainer (AT) in the state of Ohio since 2013. Aaron has worked full-time as an athletic trainer covering high school athletics since 2013 and has been providing massage therapy part-time along the way. For the past decade, he has gained professional experience working in the traditional high school athletics setting before deciding to start his own business, AMG Manual Therapy.

Throughout his career, Aaron has gained the confidence to treat people by providing manual therapy and education to improve the client’s quality of life. He has also had a passion for working with athletes of all ages, especially at the high school level. During his time working as an AT within the high school setting, Aaron noticed a gap with the current model and that is too many athletes, not enough time! AMG Manual Therapy aims to fix this gap by providing 1-on-1 treatment with clients for a minimum of 30 minutes and up to 90 minutes of treatment time in a single session!

Aaron is committed to providing the highest quality service through AMG Manual Therapy. Take an opportunity to experience his expertise for yourself!

  • MAT (Master of Athletic Training)- The University of Findlay (2013)   

  • BS (Bachelor’s in Strength & Conditioning)- The University of Findlay (2012)

  • AS (Associate’s in Therapeutic Massage)- Mercy College of Ohio (2008)



Meet Shelby Goodrich, the newest member of our massage therapy team! Shelby has been a licensed massage therapist (MT) in the state of Ohio since 2007. Before coming to AMG Manual Therapy, she provided massage therapy in physical therapy, hospice, private practice, mobile massage and chiropractic settings. Shelby can provide Trigger Point, Prenatal, Oncology, Swedish, and a medium to firm pressure Therapeutic massage.

You can schedule a 30, 60 or 90 min massage service with Shelby today!

  • BS (Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration)- Mercy College of Ohio (2009)

  • AS (Associate’s in Therapeutic Massage)- Mercy College of Ohio (2007)

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